Erykah Badu announces tour

You didn’t know this but the Nu-Soul godmother known to the world as Erykah Badu is – without parallel – absolutely head and shoulders above all else my musical idol and hero.

I’ve followed her for 20 years and still haven’t found the opportunity to see her in the flesh and experience her performances live. That may now change for me after the announcement of a world tour which includes dates in Europe during the summer. I’m mobilising friends and fellow fans, and will be getting myself to a gig in July.

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I was a bit too optimistic about beating my personal best for launching a Latest // Greatest into the world.

It’s getting there, but making the playlist cover-art-worthy is taking more effort than I’d expected, which teaches me to be less smug in future.

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No.14 is in the works

Feist releases LP, Pleasure

Just when I think I’ve gone dry for exciting music to listen to and share, a Friday rolls around and a host of cool stuff pops up in the new releases.

A quick scan of‘s new release list proffered a host of familiar and exciting artists with new LPs. The one I was waiting for was Feist’s Pleasure, but it turns out Gorillaz latest, Humanz, is also ripe for the picking. I don’t follow the group avidly (often thinking they’re a bit overrated if anything) but no doubt there’s some cool collaborations and a bunch of good hooks to absorb…

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Why are we here?

Childish Gambino

Why? Well, it’s not as existential as it might at first sound. I’m not looking to offer the answer to life, the universe and everything, just fill you in on why I’ve put the blog together.

Long story short, I’ve been compiling monthly playlists on Spotify where I curate my favourite tracks of the moment. There isn’t much rhyme or reason to how I do it, but I spend time digging about on Spotify and on music sites like Pitchfork, Rolling Stone or Wax Poetics to see what’s new and catches my attention…

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Latest // Greatest No.13

Kendrick Lamar, DAMN.

Latest//Greatest No.13 hit Spotify in April with stunning content from the brightest star in hip hop, Kendrick Lamar, and his latest album DAMN.

Kendrick’s is in good company in this 13th edition of Latest//Greatest. The tracks here are so shiny that the sky is lit with fierce talent, including hip hop contemporaries GoldLink and Kamaiyah (more on her shortly) who have every bit the charisma and talent to keep up with Kendrick…

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