16 And The Troubled Tween

I’ve been pulling together a bunch of tracks for the 16th edition of Latest // Greatest, but I’m yet to feel the love. That said, Sylvan Esso – a group who’ve been growing their fanbase steadily for a while now – just gained a new follower…

I’ve known the name for about 18 months, since H.S.K.T. first hit my eardrums, but then I forgot to do anything about it and the group just slid of my radar. That is until I found myself Shazam-ing them in a bar, forgetting that too, and then finally getting them force-fed into my conscious mind via a friend (one I’ve not seen in an age but used to bounce music recommendations off all the time), who sat my down and made me watch the Tiny Desk Concert of tracks from their first album.

Since that moment I’ve become addicted to a number of tracks from both of their albums and without hesitation shoehorned them into my next release.

Opening track “Coffee” is a treat, and singer Amelia Meath’s charm in front of the camera is an undisputed joy to watch. If you’re not already familiar with the duo then try them out for yourself. FYI, the second half of Sylvan Esso – the guy twiddling stuff in the clip – is producer Nick Sanborn.

Despite Sylvan Esso being my true highlight here, I’m still unsure who my ‘headliner’ will be. Stay tuned. After all, Latest // Greatest is an audible hot mess and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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