Love Galore

Yep, I’m Addicted to this.

SZA keeps teasing me with new music. A couple of months ago she dropped “Drew Barrymore”, an infinitely catchy pop alt-R&B track that’s somehow rivalled by the second of her LP teasers, “Love Galore”, which I post here for your sonic and visual pleasure.

SZA – who I’ve read pronounces her name not as individual letters, but phonetically, as Scissor – first surfaced a few years ago and became known to me with her Z EP. It was filled with an eclectic mix of pop songs that skirted around R&B and became a staple of my listening repertoire for quite some time.

Then she was gone and was sorely missed.

As new songs started to emerge this year I read she’d seen difficulties with getting a full album release. She switched labels, and now gets to show off some what she’s been up to. Two tracks aren’t nearly enough but thankfully she just dropped a third, “Broken Clocks” earlier today.

The three new tracks are so satiating that they’ll provide a nice fall-back while I wait the full album, which makes it’s appearance in a week for now. Tick tock.

Click the link to read The FADER‘s post about it.

Nice to have you back SZA.


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