No.14 – Gorillaz

It all comes together in the end. With a bit of massaging, a spot of editing and a little revision to add in some previously expelled tracks, I’m happy to bring Latest // Greatest No.14 to the world.

I described a lot of the early process in an earlier post here but the past is over so let’s look at the new facts…

Latest // Greatest No.15Well Gorillaz’ album Humanz wins the headliner spot with four or so tracks represented here. he album’s 26-tracks are a bit daunting but whittling it down wasn’t so hard when you realise that half of those tracks are interludes. But the headline spot was difficult to concede given that I was hoping Feist would ring the loudest bell here.

Instead, she’s a close second in the bill-stakes as I’ve chosen her more chill tracks for the playlist – albeit with plenty of melody for ya – and providing you’re in for the five-minute long-haul you’re in excellent hands.

Frank Ocean scores a lead mention because, well, he’s Frank Ocean and his track ‘Biking’ with Jay-Z is really pretty sweet. But other artists with albums representing themselves her are more worthy of significant wordcount. Mac Demarco (thanks, Pitchfork) brings some hazy indie with tracks ‘On The Level’, ‘One More Love Song’, and ‘My Old Man’.

Meanwhile there’s edge from Jessie Reyez, who I think I found through Instagram and followed a little passively until this month when her album/EP, Kiddo, dropped. I know little about her but there’s plenty of attitude and not much opportunity to mistake her for anyone else. My limited musical vocabulary forces me to describe her as a love child of Kilo Kish and Amy Winehouse (the Kilo Kish nod is no accident as she’s still present in Latest // Greatest No.14, with Gorillaz track, ‘Out Of Body’).

Other albums I’ve mined come from Sevdaliza and Sufjan Stevens. Sevdaliza is another of those Spotify discoveries (#Spotifinds) that come thanks to some kind of clever algorithm. Her album, ISON, is massively downbeat and I find myself skimming it for the more ‘catchy’ tracks which are nevertheless really very downbeat anyway. Somehow the tracks I’ve taken from Sufjan Stevens’ live rendition of the Carrie & Lowell tour are upbeat in comparison. But with that statement comes a couple of worthy points. Firstly, that Sevdaliza’s tracks are really well produced, and secondly, that Sufjan’s tracks are given a little more tempo compared to the studio album thanks to a bigger synth presence.

Now, some of the singular representations (i.e. artists with just one track in this playlist) are maybe the most interesting for me. These are real highlights so in addition to Frank Ocean, I’m massively enjoying new tracks from Adam Naas (who’s latest here is really impressing) and Fyfe feat. Kimbra (a super-catchy pop duet). Scandi pop queen MO pushed out the amazing Nights With You (which seems to be an ode to spending time with friends over lovers) but somehow Prince also released new music this past month with his previously unrealised track, ‘Electric Intercourse’, from the Purple Rain LP.

I’ve also included some less-new tracks (which are still new-to-me) from J.Views feat. Milosh, and Niia. I adore a game of Seven-Degrees-Of-Kevin-Bacon so am delighted to highlight how Milosh is the voice behind Rhye, while the producer within Rhye, Robin Hannibal, is the producer of Niia’s track. She actually has a brand new album, ‘I’, that I read about yesterday. I’m not in love with the album, but the track ‘Last Night In Los Feliz’ is pretty lovely and the collective I mentioned is very close to my heart thanks to the very special music made by Rhye, Milosh, Quadron and Boom Clap Bachelors. Nerd out, sorry.

But that’s what Pretty Loaded On Gin and my playlists are all about; nerd-outs and musical play-a-bouts. Latest // Greatest No.12 is an audible hot mess and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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