No.14 is in the works

Just when I think I’ve gone dry for exciting music to listen to and share, a Friday rolls around and a host of cool stuff pops up in the new releases.

A quick scan of‘s new release list proffered a host of familiar and exciting artists with new LPs. The one I was waiting for was Feist’s Pleasure, but it turns out Gorillaz latest, Humanz, is also ripe for the picking. I don’t follow the group avidly (often thinking they’re a bit overrated if anything) but no doubt there’s some cool collaborations and a bunch of good hooks to absorb…

I was also pleased to see Sufjan Stevens has an album; a live version of his last (very beautiful) Carrie & Lowell record. As I write, I’ve only added his cover of Hotline Bling as I’m super keen to hear the results of that particular redo (Erykah Badu did a version when the Drake track hit, which is great).

I’ve decided to add some Fleetwood Mac to this edition of Latest//Greatest. Not that we ever need a reason to add some Mac, but I started watching The Americans on Netflix a night or two ago and the opening sequence used lesser-known track Tusk (from the album of the same name). It’s not a track or album I know well but the show reminded me what a great track it is. Very un-Fleetwood Mac, but there’s always room for going a bit off-piste in my playlists, right? To me, the song sounds like it could’ve dropped today and serendipitously, it’s probably a good accompaniment to Feist’s LP after discovering her new release today.

As I type, Gorillaz’ track Out of Body which features Kilo Kish, Zebra Katz and Imani Vonshá just spun. Epic baseline and vocals at 2:42sec are making me really happy I threw this album in! This track is a keeper for sure.

What else is in here for May? Well I’ve added a piano rendition of Frank Ocean’s Blonde album entitled Piano Tribute to Frank Ocean or Blond Piano depending on how you read the credits on Spotify. Fair enough.

There’s also some new and real Frank Ocean happening here. Meanwhile I’m checking out Jessie Reyez’s Kiddo, and singles from Fyfe feat. Kimbra, Mac DeMarco, Asgeir, TLC (new this time) and Adam Naas… an artist I’ve high hopes for in 2017.

On a final note, I was delighted to stumble across a track on YouTube by J.Views feat. Milosh called Don’t Pull Away. The latter artist in that byline I know very well – his (falsetto?) voice adorns several of his own albums but is better known for its bittersweet touch on the album Woman by electro-pop duo Rhye. With a bit of luck we’ll have new music from Rhye this year too (if the Instagram teasers are anything to go by anyway). I’ve posted the rather lovely video here in case you wanna check that out too:

Well that’s pretty much it. If I can whittle the current 100 tracks to the usual 30ish soon then it’ll be a potential record-setting time for a Latest//Greatest.  If you fancy a sneak peek, drop to the bottom of the post.

It’s an audible hot-mess, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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