No.16 – Moses Sumney

Moses Sumney

Nothing worth having in life comes easily. That’s probably the reason that Latest // Greatest No.16 was so difficult to pull together and yet so rewarding now that it’s finished.

After a long search with plenty of mis-direction, I’m finally in a great place with this edition…

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No.15 – SZA


It took a while, but here it is at last; Latest // Greatest 15.

As you know I started listening to Perfume Genius back in May. After a lot of listens I’ve selected a few of the many gems, which now sparkle throughout this chapter of the playlist series. I’m a sucker for a vulnerable falsetto and this hits the spot. What else is on No.15? Read on…

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Love Galore

Yep, I’m Addicted to this.

SZA keeps teasing me with new music. A couple of months ago she dropped “Drew Barrymore”, an infinitely catchy pop alt-R&B track that’s somehow rivalled by the second of her LP teasers, “Love Galore”, which I post here for your sonic and visual pleasure.

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The music press recently published an article regarding new music from lo-fi pop kid Shamir Bailey.

The music is yet to hit Spotify due to it being a self-published project by Shamir and only available via SoundCloud. But it got me reminiscing about some of my favourite moments from his musical past…

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Perfume Genius

Four albums and yet I’ve never (knowingly) heard a peep from Perfume Genius, but that’s just changed thanks to a glowing Pitchfork review.

And after a scramble about on YouTube and a view of the latest upload, I realise I could be a fan. Perhaps this is how I start Latest // Greatest No.15? It’s certainly how I start a new obsession.